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"The labour Party has lost the last four elections. If they lose another, they get to
keep the liberal party."
-- Clive Anderson.

"If the word 'No' was removed from the English language, Ian Paisley would be
-- John Hume.

"I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."
-- Margaret Thatcher.

"Harold Wilson is going around the country stirring up apathy."
-- William Whitelaw.

"I don't know what I would do without Whitelaw. Everyone should have a Willy."
-- Margaret Thatcher.

"The difference between a misfortune and a calamity is this: If Gladstone fell into the
Thames, it would be a misfortune. But if someone dragged him out again, that would
be a calamity."
-- Benjamin Disraeli.

"I have no interest in sailing around the world. Not that there is any lack of requests
for me to do so."
-- Edward Heath.

"The Labour Party's election manifesto is the longest suicide note in history."
-- Greg Knight.

"At every crisis the Kaiser crumpled. In defeat he fled; in revolution he abdicated; in
exile he remarried."
-- Winston Churchill.

"The British Secret Service was staffed at one point almost entirely by alcoholic
homosexuals working for the KGB."
-- Clive James.